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Interiors, architecture and nautical photoshoots. Give value to what you sell, rely on a professional photographer!

In this large and multifaceted sector, the photographic part is often wrongly taken into little consideration. I do not speak of content with strictly editorial purposes, the photos in the sector magazines are often beautiful and of high quality, I speak instead to those who, perhaps like you, want to sell, rent something and are undecided whether it is worth investing in a photoshoot of the product you want to promote or not. The answer is always WITHOUT DOUBT YES.
I say this as a buyer, not as a photographer. Ads with ugly photos I don't even consider them and I'm certainly not the only one to do so.

If it the same seller proposes what he sells or rents as something of little value, presenting it with improvised and low quality photos, why should a buyer give it this value? Excellent photos bring more and more earnings.

Now it is up to you to choose whether or not to invest adequately on a photoshoot, be it interiors, architecture or for nautical. In case you do not do it, whatever your more than legitimate reasons, you can be sure that you will inevitably leave on the plate a good extra percentage of income that you would have easily had if you had proposed yourself in a more authoritative way with the support of professional photographs.

Whether you are a private individual, an architect, a company or any person who needs to promote this type of products, request more information today by clicking on the button below:

What does the service offered consist of? What advantages would you have in relying on me?

Let's see it with a practical example:

Real estate property: Luxury residential building in Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy.

Real estate property: Luxury residential building in Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy. Photos taken by interior, nautical and architecture photographer Caldibizphoto

Needs: A complete photoshoot of an already furnished apartment, a few shots of other apartments under construction and a good number of shots of the common areas of the building. In particular, the requests were for the interiors to highlight the splendid view of the sea and for the exteriors the greenery that surrounded the building. It was also requested to show the luxury and attention to detail behind a architecture project signed by an internationally renowned architect.

Solution: First of all, the listening to the customer's needs. I therefore listened carefully to the customer's requests, the atmosphere that he wanted to show through my shots and what details he wanted them to be absolutely photographed. Later on site I was joined by a stylist who followed me in the creation of the photoshoot as regards the interiors. I took particular care of the light yield both in the shooting phase and in post production so that it was enveloping and making sure to cancel any external chromatic dominant. Instead, I had carte blanche in the execution phase for the exteriors and I concentrated on the green trying to make the most of it through strongly contrasted photographs.

Result: Achieved. The client was very satisfied with the work I did as a photographer and my photographs made it easier for him to sell the apartments in the best way.

To recap:

My aim is to facilitate your sales. A good photograph, especially in this period in which we are studded with images, still makes the difference. There is much more perception of the photographic medium in people and poor quality photos are immediately perceived as
such making you lose a lot of credibility during the sales phase. In addition, an excellent photograph does not just describe a product, but must encourage its purchase. That's why I'm here.

Do not play at savings, who really loses this game is the seller, you. having better photos will allow you to have more views, more people will come to your product sales page and this will allow you to have more interested potential buyers. So your ROI will undoubtedly be greater.

đź’˛ How much does a photoshoot cost?

To find out, always ask me for a personalized quote, contact me through the contact page by clicking here, you will be contacted as soon as possible.

To give you a rough idea of the costs, for a professional photoshoot of architecture and interior the prices are from € 800 for a small / medium-sized real estate property with the numerous hours of post-production work included in the price. As for nautical photoshoots, the price varies according to the boat. For any doubt and request you can also contact me directly at:

📸 Why request a professional photoshoot?

Because better photographs of what you want to sell or rent = easier sales and with better earnings. Find out more by clicking here.

🌍 Do you work only in Italy or abroad?

I work throughout Italy, Switzerland and Europe. The Milan area and Northern Italy are the places I usually serve as a photographer, but I'm available to go anywhere.

In case you are interested in other types of photographic services in addition to those of interiors, architecture and nautical visit the home page of and see all I can offer you to best meet your needs.

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Copyright©2020 Simone Caldirola, All rights reserved.

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Copyright©2020 Simone Caldirola, All rights reserved.
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