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Photographer specializing in photos of events, interiors and product, offers photographic solutions for companies.

Your needs? My priority.

In good corporate communication, detail makes the difference. If you are already a company of excellence, why let boring and flat photos talk about you, your products or the events you organize to promote your business? Demand more!

Why me?

Because my goal is not to just take good pictures for the companies that get in touch with me, this is taken for granted by a photographer. No, my priority is to listen to your needs and only then give you photographic solutions. Whether it is photographs for an event, a product, photos of interiors or whatever your needs, excellent photographs are necessary to best express the atmosphere you want to show or the image you want to give of your company or your products.

Find out what I can offer you in detail, how I can facilitate you and touch the advantages you would have in entrusting me to me as a photographer. Do not hesitate to contact me by simply clicking on the button below:

For any further information on who I am, I invite you to see the "Info and Contact" section, even if first I advise you to let the photoshoots I offer speak for me:

What are the services offered?

Enter in the appropriate sections to find out which photographic solutions are right for you:

Where do you work?

Milan area and Northern Italy in general are the geographical areas where I work most. I remain available to work throughout Italy and abroad.

How to book a photoshoot or request a personalized quote?

To book a photoshoot or request personalized quotes you can contact me here or write me an e-mail to:

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Copyright©2020 Simone Caldirola, All rights reserved.

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Copyright©2020 Simone Caldirola, All rights reserved.
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